Thermal Camera for Science Applications

Accurate Temperature Assessment

The RD500 series provides the temperature sensitivity necessary to detect differentials as small as 40mK

Streamlined Testing And Reporting

Set up and start testing swiftly with the intuitive graphic user interface

Trustworthy Visual Communication

Establish client confidence with crisp visuals that are effortlessly comprehensible for laypersons

Unmatched Versatility And Mobility

Capture valuable thermal data in virtually any scenario with handheld or mounted camera configurations

Unique Optical Platform

The exclusive optical platform setup designed for conducting various R&D testing,
providing a stable and controlled environment.
Model RD500 RD500 Pro RD500 Promax
Detector type Uncooled FPA
Detector material Amorphous silicon or VOX material
Spectral Range 7.5-14μm
IR Resolution 384*288 640*480 1024*768
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD ≤0.06℃ @30℃ ≤0.04℃ @30℃ ≤0.05℃ @30℃
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 1.31mrad 0.68mrad 0.48mrad
Focal Length 13mm 18mm 25mm
Focus Manual/electric/automatic
Focus distance 0.5m to infinity
Optional lens 48°、12°、6°
Image frequency 30Hz
Image Display
Display 5.8" sunlight visible touch screen, 1280x768
Color Palettes 10 color modes
Visible camera 5 million pixels visual camera with built-in LED photo lamp
Digital zoom x1,x2,x4,x8
Measurement And Analysis
Storage Media 32G removable SD card(More than 4,000 infrared images can be stored)
Thermal image format .jpg/.png(including full temperature data)
Thermal video format .H264 video/full temperature video storage to SD card
WIFI Support
Laser distance Position is automatically displayed on the infrared image
Alarm mode Automatic acousto-optic alarm for set temperature value/above/below
Data transmission/Analysis
Data stream Total radiation temperature flow
Data transmission mode Ethernet transmission
Data transmission interface MINI RJ45 standard network crystal head
Data analysis Standard PC version network equipment analysis and processing software
Power System
Battery DC12V, Detachable rechargeable lithium battery
Environmental Parameters
Protection level IP54
Operation temperature -20℃~ 55℃
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