Cooled High-Sensitivity Camera

The Advanced Resolution&Sensitivity

A high-resolution up to 640*512 pixels with a temperature sensitivity as low as 0.02℃@30℃.

IMIX (Integrated Multi-Dynamic Imaging)

Enhances thermal images in real-time by incorporating visible light details,
resulting in improved clarity and the integration of edge and contour information into thermal readings.

Recording & Playback

SD card storage for playback or transfer to PC software for analysis.

Various Focusing Styles

One-touch automatic focusing or manual focusing, bring distant targets
into sharp focus using the advanced 1/2/4/8x digital zoom.

Laser Ranging

Laser rangefinder is capable of reaching distances up to 40 meters.

Super Resolution

Enhance the pixels of IR image count by 4 times.

Text/Voice Annotation

Text annotations to be editable from a preset list, and adding voice annotations is available.
Model SF6
Detector Resolution 640*512 pixels
Temperature Resolution <0.023℃ (@30℃)
Standard Lens 14.5°
Detector Material Quantum Well Infrared Photodetector (QWIP)
Operating Wavelength 10.3-10.8 μm, with a central wavelength of 10.55 μm
Viewfinder Built-in color viewfinder with a resolution more than 1024×768 pixels
Lens Recognition Automatic recognition
Image Frame Rate 30Hz
Standard Temperature Measurement Range -20℃~ 150℃ (low-temperature range), 0℃~ 410℃ (mid-temperature range)
Optional Temperature Measurement Range To be determined
Temperature Measurement Accuracy +2°C or +2% of the reading
Digital Camera Built-in 500W pixel digital camera with LED light
Laser Ranging 40 meters
Lens Focusing Method Manual and automatic
Display Screen 5.8-inch sunlight-visible display screen, 1280*768 pixels (to be confirmed based on the model)
Touchscreen Capacitive touchscreen
Color Palette Ten color palettes: Iron Red/Gray/Inverted Iron Red/Inverted Gray, etc.
Point, Line, And Area Temperature Measurement Settings Supports up to 10 points, 10 boxes, and 5 lines simultaneously, including maximum value/minimum value/average value
Line Temperature Distribution Map One line temperature distribution map, including highest/lowest temperature values
Full-Screen Maximum Temperature/Minimum Temperature Supports automatic capture of full-screen maximum temperature/minimum temperature
Image Adjustment Automatic/manual; linear or histogram; able to lock maximum value, minimum value, or temperature range
Digital Zoom x1, x2, x4, x8 (continuous zoom from 1 to 8 times)
Picture-In-Picture Displays the infrared image area on the visible light image
IMIX Supports
Image Fusion Supports
Isotherm Lines Supports
Temperature Difference Automatically calculates the temperature difference between each temperature measurement box (temperature difference between each measured temperature value and the reference temperature)
Text Annotation Selects text annotations from a preset list, editable in the thermal imager
Voice Annotation Supports voice annotations, stored along with the image
Super-Resolution Increases the pixel count by 4 times
Optical Device Transmission Calibration Manual/automatic, based on signals from internal sensors
Emissivity Calibration Automatic, based on input of emissivity values
Atmospheric Transmission Calibration Automatic, based on input of distance, atmospheric temperature, and relative humidity values
Alarm Method Provides audio and visual alarms for temperature values above/below/set values or automatically
Storage Method 32GB high-speed SD card (approximately stores over 4000 infrared images)
Infrared Image Format jpg (including full temperature data) / png (including full temperature data) / national grid standard format
Visible Light Image Format jpg/png
Infrared Video Format H.264 video / full-temperature video stored on SD card
USB Transfers images from the SD card to a PC via USB
Video Output HDMI
Video Output Interface Standard HDMI interface
Battery Type Removable rechargeable lithium battery
Power Supply Voltage DC 12V 5A
Battery Operating Time >2 hours for general use at 25°C
Power Management Supports sleep mode (automatic shutdown function available, 5 mins/20 mins or no automatic shutdown)
Charging Method Dual-seat charger or 12V car charger
Operating Temperature -20°C~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C~ 70°C
Humidity (Operating And Storage) <95% non-condensing
Encapsulation Level IP54
Tripod Installation UNC ¼"-20
Compliance With National Standards GB/T 19870-2018
External Interface Large SD, SIM, HDMI, USB
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