Dual Spectrum Bullet IP Thermal Camera
Non-Contact, Real-Time, Continuous and Accurate Temperature Measurement
Measuring temperatures in points, lines, rectangles, and irregular regions are supported.
Temperature measurement accuracy: ±2℃ or ±2% of the reading.
Lightweight, portable, low power consumption, small size, and easy to integrate.
3D noise reduction function, adjustable pseudo-color, and image detail enhancement function.
Mirror image, digital zoom and local video output.
Powerful data lossless compression performance (Real-time H.264 video stream + Real-time temperature data stream).

Dual-spectral Bullet IP Thermal Camera

Models EX200-ST-3 EX200-ST-7 EX200-ST-10 EX300-ST-6.5 EX300-ST-13 EX600-ST-6.5 EX600-ST-13
IR Parameter
Detector type Uncooled FPA,VOX material
IR Resolution 256x192 384x288 640x512
Pixel size 17μm 12μm
Spectral Range 8~14μm 7.5~14μm
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD ≤40mk @30℃ <40mk @30℃ ≤40mk @30℃
Focal Length 3mm 7mm 10mm 6.7mm 13mm 6.7mm 13mm
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 3.33 1.74 1.24 2.53 1.31 1.79 0.92
Field of View 50°×37.2° 25°×18.7° 18°× 13.5° 44.2°x33.9° 23.6°x17.8° 59.6°x46.5° 32.9°x25.0°
Visible Light Parameter
Sensor type 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution 2688×1520 1920×1080
Focal length 4mm 6mm 8mm 6mm
Field angle 84°x43° 53°x28° 39°x22° 51°x38°
Temperature Measurement Parameter
Thermometric analysis 10 points, 10 boxes, 1 line 20 points, 20 boxes, 10 lines
Object temperature range -20 ℃~150 ℃/0 ℃~550 ℃ -20 ℃~150 ℃(low temperature range), 0 ℃~410℃(medium temperature range)
Optional temperature range - +300 ℃~+650 ℃\+300 ℃~+2000 ℃\other ranges (high temperature range
Temperature measurement accurary ±2℃ or 2% of readings
Power interface φ5.5*2.1 DC power interface
Network interface One RJ45 interface 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
System Parameter
Battery voltage DC12V/POE(802.3af)
Power <8W
Operating temperature and humidity -40℃~70℃,<90%RH
Protection level IP66
Shell material Die-casting aluminum
Weight 1.55kg
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