Dual-spectral Explosion-proof Thermal PTZ Camera
Working at high temperature Environment with explosion proof
Equipped with 384*288/640*480 Vox detector to provide advanced thermal image quality;
0°~360° continuous horizontal rotation
Max to 2000℃ for wider temp range
General Network options, RJ45 interface 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
Suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions with IP68
Boasts exceptionally robust explosion-proof capabilities

Dual-spectral Explosion-proof Thermal PTZ Camera

Models EX300FB-Y-25 EX300FB-Y-50 EX600FB-Y-25 EX600FB-Y-50
IR Parameter
Structure Integrated design of detector, controller and protective cover
Detector type Uncooled FPA
Spectral Range 7.5-14μm
IR Resolution 384*288 640*512
Thermal Sensitivity/NETD <40 mk(@25 °C,F#=1.0) <40 mk(@25 °C,F#=1.0)
Focal Length 25mm 50mm 25mm 50mm
Field of View 14.8°×11.1° 7.5°x5.6° 24.9°× 20° 12.4°x9.9°
Spatial resolution (IFOV) 0.68 0.34 0.68 0.34
Object temperature range -20 ℃~150 ℃(low temperature range),0 ℃~410℃(medium temperature range)
Optional temperature range +300 ℃~+650 ℃\+300 ℃~+2000 ℃\other ranges (high temperature range)
Temperature measurement accuracy ±2℃ or 2% of readings
Focus Manual/electric/automatic
Color Palettes 10 Color Palettes
Visible Light Parameter
Sensor type 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Resolution 1920x1080,2MP
3D denoise support
Focal length 4.8~120 mm,25x optical zoom
Signal to Noise Ratio >52dB
PTZ Parameter
Horizontal range 0°~360°(Continuous rotation)
Vertical range -90°~90°
Power interface AC220V power interface
Network interface One RJ45 interface 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
Protection level IP68
Material 304 stainless steel
Operating temperature and humidity -40°C~65 °C,<90% RH
Explosion-proof sign Ex db IIC T6 Gb/Ex tb IIIC T80℃ Db
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