Comprehensive Solutions Catered to Security Monitoring

TROUS presents an all-encompassing solution to safeguard critical infrastructure from intrusions, encompassing power plants, oil refineries, bridges, and more.

Taking on Construction Theft with Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology

TORUS thermal and visible-light cameras provide construction professionals with comprehensive awareness of after-hours activity on the job site. By combining high-performance detection and identification cameras with advanced software, we create a sophisticated security ecosystem to effectively protect your valuable materials and equipment.

7/24 Reliably Detection for Intrusion suspects

Thermal imaging provides crystal-clear visibility in complete darkness, intense light, smoky environments, and light fog.

Security Cameras

Our diverse range of ruggedly built cameras includes bullets, domes, fixed, PTZ, and specialty cameras, all designed for seamless installation both indoors and outdoors. At TROUS, we ensure that all our cameras are qualified throughout their product life cycle, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation at all times.

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